Taking modern living to a new dimension and offering you an exciting and stunningly designed living space

Next Century Homes

Revolutionary concept for modern living and working • Designed to last into the next century and beyond

garden office, mobile home, bungalow

Low energy and CO2 impact bungalow.

Winter fuel allowance covers winter heating cost.

The bungalow is constructed from composite panels of powder coat painted

stainless steel outer and plaster board inner, bonded to a polyurethane insulation foam

core. The panels are mounted onto a stainless steel chassis, which in turn is mounted

directly onto the base foundation. The flat roof is of similar construction to the base,

finished externally in GRP.

All windows and doors are double glazed to class A standard.

The construction is designed to produce a finished module of immense strength and

durability. With all outer surfaces formed from stainless steel or glass life expectancy

will be similar to traditional bricks and mortar and the high quality materials of construction require minimal maintenance.

The very latest technology is installed for heating/cooling and we estimate that this, combined with the insulation efficiency of the wall construction, will give a total heating requirement for the complete module of less than one KW per hour with a 15 deg C temperature differential.

Hot water will be provided by stored low rate electricity. Gas will not be connected.

We are anticipating class A rating for Energy consumption and CO2 emission, and the lowest council tax band.

The external pastel colour is chosen to harmonise with natural colours, allowing sympathetic planting to help blend the new home with its surroundings.

The style of building we offer fills an important gap in the housing market. Many people at or nearing retirement look to sell the family home (now too large and energy inefficient) and move to a smaller, more convenient and energy efficient one. Monies gained by the transfer coupled with reduced running costs are used to fund a more comfortable retirement.

Our VISUALLY LOW IMPACT bungalow is designed to blend in with existing developments, and given our target market for new owners, neighbours are unlikely to be troubled by noisy children or late night rock music (although there can be no guarantee of the latter). The bungalows are also ideally suited for location on their own small estate.

garden office, mobile home, bungalow

Next Century Homes take modern living and working at home to a new dimension and offers you an exciting, and stunningly designed living space.

This universal product can be utilised in many ways: as a low energy impact bungalow, en-suite additional bedroom or garden studio.  

Installing a Next Century Home offers a practical solution for modern living, and the high quality materials of construction ensure a life expectancy matched only by traditional bricks and mortar.

garden office, mobile home, bungalow
garden office, mobile home, bungalow, bachelor pad